Lab members

Principal Investigator

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Kathlyn Laval, Ph.D
Research interests: Neurovirology, pathogenesis, immunology, neurodegeneration, animal models
Interests: Running, yoga, nature, travel, raising a borzoi

Graduate students

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Ya Gao
Research interests: Herpes simplex virus pathogenesis
Interests: Travel, movies, cats


Waqar Zaib
Research interests: PHEV pathogenesis, neuroinflammation, public health
Interests: Cricket, walking, cultural exploring, traveling, and Subject related Professional Guidance


Camille Kaviani
Research interests: PHEV pathogenesis, neuroinflammation, one health
Interests: Horse riding, running, travel

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Ahmad Mahmoudikouhi
Research interests: Neurovirology, immunovirology, herpes simplex virus pathogenesis
Interests: Painting, basketball, walking, nature

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Sofía González Hernández
Research interests: HSV1 pathogenesis, neuroinflammation, epigenetics, Alzheimer’s disease
Interests: Swimming, painting, cooking

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Febe Lippens
Research interests: HSV1 pathogenesis, Alzheimer’s disease
Interests: Acrobatic gymnastics, reading, traveling and trying escape rooms with friends

Undergraduate students


Xixi Kang
Research interests: Neurovirology, glia cell activation
Interests: Dog, food, swimming, cleaning

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Joren Portaels
Research interests: Viral pathogenesis, immunology, animal health and public health
Interests: Nature, hiking, traveling, animals

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Celeste Hilhorst
Research interests: The pathogenesis of Canine Distemper Virus, Multiple Sclerosis disease
Interests: Hiking with my dogs, cooking, animals and bouldering

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 Vera den Otter
Research interests: Neurodegeneration, protein aggregation, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and prion disease
Interests: Motorcycling riding, plants, animals and nature walks


Pauline Laga
Research interests: Epigenetics and genetics, virology, MS, and animal & human health
Interests: Running with my dog, nature, drawing and horse riding


Ina Van Langenhove
Research interests: HSV-2 infection, Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis
Interests: My pets, organizing events, traveling


Laure Van Roy
Research Interests: Glial cells, Neuroinflammation, Alzheimer's disease
Interests: Running, horseback riding, all fluffy animals, science


Anita Yousefi
Research interests: Alzheimer’s disease, neurovirology, HSV1 pathogenesis
Reading, travel, culture, hiking, painting, crocheting


Marie Van Uffelen
Research interests: Virology, neurodegeneration, animal and public health
Interests: Music, nature, animals, winter sports

Administrative Staff


Gert Verdonck, financial administration

Eva De Spiegelaere,
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